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Vilamoura Public Bikes

Vilamoura has both a mild climate and a flat landscape so it is the ideal place to use bicycles.


Inframoura have set up the Vilamoura Public Bikes system  – with shared use bicycles that may be used throughout the whole Vilamoura area to go to work, do some shopping, simply visit any cultural or tourist attraction, or tour around on two wheels in a healthy, active lifestyle.
According to Inframoura these bicycles, designed exclusively for Vilamoura, are manufactured using materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality and safety standards. They were specifically made for ease of handling and convenience.
Providing you are an Inframoura customer, i.e. you have a water supply contract with them you qualify to join the Vilamoura Public Bikes system allowing you to benefit from the network of 32 stations that are already in place, with a total of 150 bicycles. Each station includes attachment points to park bicycles, and individual posts to read user cards.
The network covers the whole of Vilamoura, both its business/tourist and residential areas, and the system is designed to allow users to rent bicycles and return them to any station, therefore avoiding the need to go to a central point to collect or return them.

The system automatically carries out one-to-one transfer between user cards and the Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) of each bicycle. In this way, the system can control usage of the cards as regards bicycles rented and also the routes taken.








Here’s a map of the stations as printed at each one


As a summary:

  1. You must have a water supply contract with Inframoura for your property in Vilamoura.
  2. You may have a maximum no of cards equal to twice the number of bedrooms in your property.
  3. The first card is free, each subsequent card is 10 euro.
  4. To validate the cards you have to load them with credit, either €20 euro for a month,€25 for a quarter or €30  for a year
  5. When you pick up a bike you can use it for up to 45 minutes free. The intention is for you to return it to the same or any other point in less than 45 minutes.
  6. If you over run you are charged 1 euro for the first half hour and 1.50 euro for the remaining half hours if you have paid for a month or a quarter
  7. Or 0.75 euro and then 1.50 euro if you have paid for a year.
  8. This charge is deducted from your credit.
  9. To take a bike, swipe your card over the keypad on the attachment post.
  10. To return it run the front wheel into the grove and the lock into the holder then swipe your card.
  11. Of course you can lend your card to others but you are liable and they know who you are!
  12. Theft should be formally reported to the police and Inframoura within 12 hours otherwise you can be liable for up to 500 euro.
  13. You are liable for damage up to 500 euro.
  14. Currently there are 38 stations with parking for 218 bikes and 200 bikes in use.
  15. To sign up you go to the Inframoura office beside the GNR on Rua das Amoreiras which is the first right turning before the petrol station as you are entering Vilamoura on the dual carriage way.
  16. You should take your passport, a copy of your water bill and if that isn’t sent to the property itself your correct postal address.


We believe this information to be accurate at the time of going to press but the links below will open Inframoura’s own documents which cover all details.


Public Bikes FAQs

Public Bikes Contract

Map of stations





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